Kinetis (Deutsch)/(English)


This course is intended to make the student familiar with this highly integrated embedded controller and its architecture, peripheral parts. Due to a lot of hands-on experience the student will be familiar with its applications.


  • Part 1
    • Introduction and Overview
    • Hands On 1 : Tower Out of Box Demo
    • What is Cortex M4
    • High Level System Architecture
    • Clock Integration, TFS, Performance
    • Hands On 2: Benchmark
    • Interrupt Structure and Power Modes
    • Hands On 3: Interrupts and Power Modes
    • Port Module, Pin Muxing, Packaging
    • Cross Bar Switch, DMA Controller, MPU
  • Part 2
    • Hands On 4: DMA Controller
    • Flex Memory
    • UART, DSPI, I2C
    • Hands On 6: SCI2CAN
    • Vref, TSI, DAC, ADC, PGA, CMP, LCD Part 1
    • Vref, TSI, DAC, ADC, PGA, CMP, LCD Part 2
    • Hands On 7: Analog Peripherals Combined
    • CRC, FlexTimer, PDB, Watchdog
  • Part 3
    • EWM, GPIO, Filtering, PIT, LPT, FlexBus
    • eSDHC, Boot, EzPort
    • Hands On 9: Another Peripheral
    • On request only: working with Keil, Greenhills, CodeWarrior


Due to the high degree of functionality and integration of this device, the student needs some familiarity with embedded controller and is encouraged to gain some familiarity beforehand by reviewing current Freescale documentation for this product. Introductory level web-based training materials are available at Search on kinetis for a list of available overview materials.


Software designer and developer in the fields of embedded systems, project manager, technical consultants as well as college students who needs to develop with and integrate this new controller.

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  • course notes

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