DSP Fundamentals with Labs (Deutsch)/(English)


The course is divided into multiple day packages. In the first part, signals are being handled of which digitization and visualization in time and frequency domain is shown. In the second part follows the analysis of digital systems, in the third part of an introduction to the synthesis (FIR finite impulse response filter, IIR infinite impulse response filter). Finally, simple examples (low-pass filter, integrator, differentiator adapt, ...) will be presented on a DSP56xxx hardware.


  • Typical DSP circuit
  • Proportional derivative controller
  • SC Filter
  • Signals
  • test sequences
  • Consideration in the frequency range
  • Fourier transformation
  • Laplace
  • FFT as a special case of the DFT
  • Digitization cont. signals
  • sampling
  • Ideal sampling
  • Reliable sampling
  • Signal recovery
  • Description Cont. systems
  • Description diskr. systems
  • Examples
  • Convolution
  • linear convolution
  • cyclic convolution
  • Structures of discrete networks
  • Direct structure
  • cascade structure
  • Parallel structure
  • System Design
  • Overview
  • Non-recursive systems
  • Recursive Systems
  • Implementation on the DSP56xxx
  • Functional testing in the real world


Foundations of higher mathematics, knowledge of electrical engineering.


Engineers whose tasks have been solved in the analogue way and are now to be implemented digitally.

Engineers who want to refresh their knowledge of digital signal processing (Fourier, Laplace transform, digital filters) or need.

Begleitendes Kursmaterial

  • course notes
  • Labs

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