Advanced Debugging with the Kinetis Family (Deutsch)/(English)


This course provides all necessary theoretical and practical know-how to debug with the Kinetis family.

The course provides an in-depth overview f the Kinetis family debug architecture based n ARM CoreSight, efficient debugging methods, analysis tools and recommended verification process.

The course also includes practical labs in which the software engineer can experience with the Kinetis debug process on Tower evaluation bard.

The course starts with an overview of the Kinetis family debug and trace architecture, continues with the verification methodology, tools, use cases, and results analysis.

The course provides an in-depth description for each debug/trace module such as SWJ-DP, AHB-AP, MDM-AP, FPB, DWT, ITM, ETB, TPIU, ETM, and how and when to use each element.

The course covers also debugging in low power modes and exception cause analysis.

At the end of this course, the participant will feel comfortable to start developing and debugging his applications.

1. Become familiar with Crtex-M4/M0+ debug and trace capabilities and their features
2. Be able to efficiently use debug and trace tools
3. Use semi-hosting debugging style
4. Analyze fault exception causes
5. Debug bootloader with hardware breakpoints
6. Trigger ETM for complex debug situations
7. Debug in low power modes


ARM Cortex-A architecture knowledge
C and Assembler
Experience in developing embedded systems


System designer, System programmer, Application programmer, Embedded programmer and System tester

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